Ambit of Operation


PECPL being a multi disciplinary company it has wide varieties of experiences in large no of specialized subsurface investigation projects. Depending on intricacy of the projects, the company often hire the services of the specialize professionals and facilities for deriving world class outputs. The scope of services of the company are presented as under.


  • Land Survey.
  • Route Survey (Transmission & Distribution Line, Pipe Line, Road, Railway, Conveyor Alignment etc.).
  • Engineering Survey.
  • DGPS Survey.
  • Identification & installation of GCP Pillars by DGPS and Remote Sensing.
  • Boundary Demarcation & Installation of boundary pillars.
  • Hydel Project (Dam axis, Long & cross sections of reservoir, Power house, diversion tunnel ,HRT etc.).
  • Preparation of Cadastral Maps, Digitization etc.


  • Geological & Structural mapping.
  • Surface Sampling.
  • Mineral Exploration (Core/Noncore Drilling, pitting, borehole & pit Logging, collection & preparation of representative samples , Physical & chemical testing of samples collected etc.).
  • Resource /Reserve Estimation as per UNFC classification.
  • Mining Plan as per MCDR 1988 and subsequent amendments.
  • Collection & preparation of bulk samples for characterization of Resources, Laboratory testing & classifications of ores for pilot scale & bench scale testings etc. for Green/Brown field minning projects.
  • Identification of Borrow pit area, field investigation, collection of surface and subsurface samples & laboratory testing of collected aggregates.


  • Mine geotechnical investigation including oriented core drilling, rock testing, Mine/Pit slope stability study etc.
  • Geotechnical study for all project proponents in any form including
    • Boring & drilling including SPT, collection of Disturbed, Undisturbed and rock samples.
    • In situ tests e.g PLT, Field CBR, Permeability, Packer test etc.
    • Laboratory tests on soil samples for determination of engineering properties.
    • Laboratory Tests on rock samples.
    • Physical & Chemical Testing on Soil, Rock core & Water samples.
  • Preparation of Geotechnical investigation Report including graphs, charts, computations, recommendations etc.


  • Geophysical Resistivity Survey.
  • Hydro geological data collections, field investigations & hydro geological drilling for groundwater flow modeling & details of recommendations in regard to subsurface ground water conditions.
  • Geo-morphological study at water intake structures or at any other project proponent.
  • Pump out tests (Draw down test) including collection & monitoring of recuperation data, well design, computation of permeability coefficient etc.


  • Deep hole boring/drilling for collection of undisturbed contaminated subsurface sediments.
  • Specialized preservation of collected contaminated Sub-Surface sediments & water samples in an inert atmosphere for testings at R & D Laboratories.
  • Piezometer installation, water level monitoring & collection of effected groundwater samples.